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“Visible in Light” Photos by Alex Barber + “Street Smarts Redux” Artist Collab

Visible in Light Small
East End Studio Gallery presents Visible in Light, an exhibition of photos by Alex Barber.

As much as he shoots digital, Alex enjoys analog captures on film and seeing what the results are. Each roll of film is its own collection of surprises and accidents. Alex will be displaying images shot on film from a variety of cameras and formats.

There is a second and collaborative part of the show, with Street Smarts Redux. Alex provided artists with prints of his photos and asked them to work over the image. While Street Smarts showed photos of art around town next to originals by those artists, this year the goal was to merge the different media into one piece.

Participating artists include:
Daniel Anguilu
Lee Carrier
Bryan Cope
Nicky Davis
Katie Mulholland
David Pilgrim
Beau Pope
Jessica Pope
Michael C. Rodriguez
Skeez 181
Julie Zarate
Zen Full

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