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“The Mouthless-Kat: Hello Kitty & Friends!” 5/24/13 6-10PM



“The Mouthless-Kat:  Hello Kitty & Friends!”  One Night Only!  Friday, May 24 6-10pm.

“A friend with no mouth, but a big heart!”

In 1974, the Sanrio Company created Hello Kitty. This character would become a worldwide phenomenon and take over the hearts of childen and adults alike! This craze has been taken from simple coin purses, to top clothing and accessory lines like Christian Dior, Toki Doki, Loungefly, Sephora, and many more. Sanrio has continuously released other characters over the years with much success, but none as captivating as this little mouth-less cat. We invite you to be part of this event, and see our amazing artists re-create this lovely character and her friends in new and exciting ways!

*** Some art may be sexually suggestive and inappropriate for minors. No nudity. Please be advised.

Music provided by D.J. Twinkle Toes

Alice Le, Andrea Rodriguez, Blue130, Browncoat, Enma Castro, Erik Martinez, Katsola, Kitty Von Purr, Lisa Chow, Lizzette Gonzalez, Mandy Peyrani, Nesreen Hussain Alawami, Robin Silvers, Veronica Vega, John Paul Luna, Sophia Rose Luna

East End Consignments
Robin Silvers
Jamie Chatterton
Clothe my Naked Villany
Sid & Yanez Cespedes
Alicia Whitmire
Cynthia Vella

Food Vendors:
Misty Hirch Moreno

Brought to by EESG, and guest curator Blue 130


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