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“Size Doesn’t Matter” Group Show


“Size Doesn’t Matter” Group Show
Two night event!
February 19th & 26th from 6-9pm
Here’s your chance to snag art from some of Houston’s finest artists! To us, its not the size of the art, but the emotion behind the creation 😉
Participating artists:
Adriane Wiltse
Alex Barber
William Gilstrap
Charrell Bradshaw
Abby Winn Photography
Kara Timmons
Ronaldo Zulueta
Kenneth Pierson
Lisa Ramirez
Dorothy Colp-Serrano
George Tipsword
Lauren Whitted
Heather Gordy
Mike P
Third Eye Covering – Lauren Naquin
Taylor Clendennen
David Anderson
SierraAnn Forester
MKStallings Photography
Sheridan Original
Lin Cyrus
Lauren Boulden
Sarah Cloutier-Houston
Lizbeth Ortiz
Blue 130
Modern Girls
Cynthia Vela
Betty Liz Voh
Ramya Raj
Chelsea Carroll
Artist call:
It’s $25 for a 3′ X 10′ section of wall space, which covers both nights. One artist per 3X10 space. 40 spots are available. Requirements: Art must be no larger then a square foot (including frames if applicable), and cannot cost more then $100. All mediums welcome but must be wall hung. You are responsible handing all sales, must attend both nights, and stay for the entire duration of the show. Please bring change and a way to process credit transactions. You can add/remove work as you sell items. You are responsible for hanging your own work and we will not provide hanging hardware/tools. No double sided tape (unless its the 3M removable tape that leaves the wall clean) or any tape that leaves a residue (i.e duct, packing, etc). No screws, unless approved as needed for a shelf or heavy piece. You will be required to fill the nail holes after the final show. You can decorate your space, but cannot paint or write on the walls. Send paypal payment to Make sure to include “Size doesnt matter show” and the name you want listed on the event in the description. If you do not have PayPal you can process your fee by clicking on the following link: Make sure to add a note with the name you want listed on the event page! Hanging dates: Wed 2/17 from 12p-6:30p and Thursday 2/17 from 4p-8p. Sections are assigned on a first come/first serve basis. All entry fees are non-refundable

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