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13151855_1032654056814133_828427754646873286_nJUST INK VI

6th annual “Just Ink” show.

A one night party for inkers.
Friday September 30th 6-9pm!

JUST INK 6…call for artists.

Here are the rules.
These are simple rules.
Please read the rules.
Please follow the rules.

The exhibit name explains the show…
Just Ink, Pen & ink, India ink, ink markers, ink pens…ink. just ink.

_Open call, open theme. your fee gets you a 3 foot wide wall space, floor to ceiling
_One night only. Artists are required to hang their own work during the date / time posted (TBD) no exceptions.
_Artists are required to attend the show, represent and sell their own work.
_Artists keep 100% of all sales, no commission
_Artists are required to take down art at the end of the event. Art not removed at the end of the evening will be considered abandoned.
_Artists are asked to clean their area, remove all nails, tacks, tape, trash etc.
_Artists are encouraged to have a lot of fun.
_Fee: $35.00 Paypal funds to
_Fees are non-refundable so don’t whine if you change your mind.
_Call is closed once all walls are sold…this event sells out fast so don’t dilly dally.
_See? That wasn’t so hard now was it

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