Past Events



Works by Michael Wooten

Opening Friday, May 10th, 6-10 pm
Closing Saturday, May 18th, Noon – 5 pm

The world is in a state of disquiet. Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal are all on the brink of bankruptcy. Nearly half of the population in Greece between the ages of 16 and 30 are unemployed. Austerity measures have been enacted that target the poor and the unemployed. and social programs are being eliminated or scaled so far down as to be utterly useless.

Men across the world continue their war on women, enacting laws to control their reproductive rights and forcing them to conform to their morals and beliefs. Women who dare to express themselves are faced with the threat of being stoned in some areas, ostracized or criminalized in others.

These are the people that inhabit the canvases of Michael Wooten’s second solo show. By painting these scenes he is forcing the viewer to deal with the images that are in the news and papers daily. Adding his own narrative to these images, Michael hopes to open a dialogue to aid in understanding how people can become so desperate that they feel they have nothing left but to throw rocks at the police.

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