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Back to Earth: Contemporary Ceramic Art


Back to Earth: Contemporary Ceramic Art

Opening Friday September 2nd 6-9pm.
Closing Friday September 9th 6-9pm.

East End Studio Gallery is proud to present “Back to Earth: Contemporary Ceramic Art”.  A group show with Marc Garcia, Patrick Lee, Veronica Lee, and Nesreen Hussain Alawami.

Marc Garcia

While I am a seasoned marketing graphic designer, I am newly introduced to clay work, my work is in constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that I have about the world I live in and myself. I do not limit myself to one style or concept, I find that inspiration and ideas are in constant change. Each piece I create is simultaneously an extension from the past, where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned, as well as a preview of the future, where I’m going. I classify myself as a folk and craft artist. If a viewer stops for just a moment to view and reflect on a piece I have created, then the art has successfully accomplished its function.

Patrick Lee

I am a sculptor. I’ve worked with many different materials, but my preferred medium is clay. My ceramic sculptures are slab-built and hollow. I often carve patterns into the sculptures as well. I use singly or in combination, glazes, stains, paints and patinas to finish the work.
My work is figurative and usually narrative driven. I strive to bring each sculpture to life through attention to gesture and detail.

Veronica Lee

Veronica began her formal study of art at the Houston High School for the Performing Arts while growing up in Texas. Her concentration is high fire glazed ceramics. Her grandfather introduced her to barro (clay) when she was a child. She moved to New York City to study at the Pratt Institute and it was there that the ceramic body captured her interest as an ideal medium to combine form with her love of color. When Veronica isn’t playing with clay, she dreams about it.

Nesreen Hussain Alawami

I have always been fascinated by clay and got my first introduction to working with it during a UH class in 1999. Then I got the chance to reconnect with mud eight years ago and stuck with it ever since. I create functional items such as cups and bowls as well as decorative pieces like lanterns. I especially enjoy making pieces that reflect my Middle Eastern heritage both in shape and design.

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