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Hispanic Heritage Month Art Show: “Diversity is what makes us great!”

Diversity ART Show - EE Studio PRINT
Diversity ART Show - EE Studio PRINT

Opening Reception: Friday, September 16, 2016, 6-9PM
Closing Reception: Friday, September 23, 2016, 6-9PM

Join us in celebrating how Latino-Americans have helped shape the United States and make it into the diverse and dynamic nation it is today. From native born to immigrated, whether you crossed the border or the border crossed you, Latino Americans bring rich culture, traditions and values to the American experience. Come celebrate a nation of pride, diversity, and a rainbow of skin colors. We will have artists sharing their experiences of being a Latino-American.

We will also be featuring vendors during this event. Each artisan has unique, hand-made merchandise and will have themed items available.

Music by DJ Twinkle-Toes and will keep you dancing!
Complimentary cocktails made with Jarritos and Hornitos Tequila.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors at Jarritos and Hornitos Tequila for helping us celebrate our Latino diversity!

Artists Participating:
David Maldonado
Luis Navarro
Francisco Castro
Rictor Torres
Jennifer Herrera
Diane Benavides Rios
Yvette Banuelos
Rafael Villarreal
Lizbeth Ortiz
Iris Contreras
Patrick Lee
Veronica Lee
Oskar Curiel
No L
Leticia Santos
Laura Simoneaux
Blue 130
Mandy Peyrani



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