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“80’s Cartoon Crazy!” Group Show Curated by Blue 130

80's Cartoon Crazy Flyer


Opening June 7th from 6-9pm
Closing June 15th from 6-9pm

Join us for a tribute to the cartoons that helped shape our generation’s young minds!

The 80’s started a cartoon renaissance that has influenced modern day cartoons, comic, movies, and art to this day. This animated art paved the way for more adult themed cartoons of the 90’s, and really set themselves apart from their satirical predecessors. Toy makers, such as Mattel, began to develop animated series, like He-man & the Transformers, to help sell their toy’s, expanding this market and making the rest of the work take notice. Though most of these cartoons faded into obscurity with the arrival of the 90’s, the nostalgia of the 80’s children who are now young adults could not be forgotten, causing a modern day revival of these beloved ‘toons.

Brought to by EESG, and guest curator “Blue 130”.

Music provided by D.J. Twinkle Toes
Video segment provided by Jovan Allen

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