“Mexican Iconography” Group Exhibition



This show celebrates the visual images, and symbols that identify and represent Mexico’s culture and traditions.

One night only!
Friday, September 26, 2014 6-10PM
Promotional Artwork by Lizbeth Ortiz

Call for Artists:
Mexican Icons, culture and traditions themed art.
Some examples are contemporary artists; Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Alfredo Ramos Martínez, Remedios Varo and Miguel Covarrubias to name a few. Religious icons like Baby Jesus, Saints and the Virgen Mary. “Cine de Oro” (Cinema from the Golden Age) with movies stars like Maria Felix, Cantinflas, Pedro Infante, Dolores Del Rio, Silvia Pinal, etc… And of course the wonderful world of Luchadores and Day of the Dead!

All mediums welcome!

Entry fee to cover hanging and promotion is $20 for 4 pieces (not exceeding 3′X3′), $5 for each additional piece. Size limit 3′ X 3′. Gallery will handle all sales and will take a 25% commission. Artist approval required. Please email eestudiogallery@gmail.com a sample of your existing work, or link to your art page. Once approved, you will be sent back payment information.

Artist outside of Houston and surrounding areas can submit without an entry fee, but they are responsible shipping the work to the East End Studio Gallery. Commission from sold work will be 30% Gallery, 70% for the artist. If work is not sold EESG will be responsible for sending art work back to artists.

All work must be READY TO HANG. This means proper hardware must be on your framed piece if it is a wall piece. Loose art/prints will not be accepted.

Vendors: Please submit an example of you work to eestudiogallery@gmail.com for approval. Must be able to create some merchandise within the theme. No art or prints. All art/prints to go through East End Consignment. $25 vendor fee. EESG to provide table.

Drop off dates are Tuesday, September 23 & September 24, 5:30 – 8 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! All work mailed must arrive no later than Wednesday, September 24th.

Mad Decent



Mad Decent
July 25, 2014

An art show featuring new works from:

Daniel Anguilu
El Nacho
Ana María
Paty Lennon

There will be a silent auction for pieces of the mural Empire painted for the StationMuseum Houston‘s, ” Call it what you know” Exhibition. There will be no minimum on the auction.

Sounds by DJ Gracie Chavez

“Hot N Sticky”


Hot N Sticky Group Exhibition
July 18, 2014
6 -9pm

East End Studio Gallery presents “Hot n Sticky”.

Back by popular demand…our third sticky note show!

Artists will make original works of art from sticky notes. Bring the family and see the interesting and unique ideas that come to life on this tiny canvas. There will be drawings, paintings, origami and other original works up for grabs and for as little as $5.

This is one of our most popular shows of the year! One night only!


“Here Kitty Kitty…” Hello Kitty & Friends Group Show

10429837_741808875866114_3421694963596678836_nArtwork by Alice Le

Here Kitty Kitty…
One night only: Friday, September 5, 6-9PM
Promotional Artwork by Alice Le

East End Studio Gallery and curator Blue130 presents Here Kitty Kitty. In 1974, the Sanrio Company created Hello Kitty. This character would become a worldwide phenomenon and take over the hearts of children and adults alike! Sanrio has continuously released other characters over the years with much success, but none as captivating as this little mouth-less cat. We invite you to be part of this event, and see our amazing artists re-create this lovely character and her friends.


“Just Ink 4″

Just ink show Julie
Just Ink 4
One Night Only! Friday, August 22, 2014 6-9PM

40 artists were chosen to showcase their work at East End Studio Gallery for a show & sell exhibition of pen & ink works.

Patricia Corron…Diane K. Webb…Robin S. Silver…Barbara Harmer…Heather Gordy…Johnnie Rosales Jr…Jose Cordova…Pizo Meyer…David J. Anderson…Fini Jo…..Marisol Graham…Jan Venhaezebrouck…Mel Hull…Jacob Coble…Luke Poteete…Austin Simmons…Kaitlin Priess…Catfish Perez…Giovanni Pena…Roberto Torres-Torres…Julie Zarate…Kevin Montanaro…Anat Ronen…Luis Gonzalez…Stephanie Gardjardo…Jessia Jill…Dinora Alonso…Katsola…Santana Serna…Justin Masi…Sarah Cloutier…Erik Martinez…Melody Szekely…Browncoat…Krystlle Bazan…Sebastian Gomez de la Torre…Cynthia Vela

Artwork by Julie Zarate

“Undead but not Unloved” Zombie Group Exhibition


Undead but not Unloved, a group exhibtion
One Night Only!  October 17, 2014, 6-9PM

East End Studio Gallery is excited to present Undead but not Unloved, a group exhibition.  This show will feature works inspired by zombies.  There will also be a zombie makeup contest.  3 Winners will be selected and will receive prizes.

The word “zombie’ comes from the origin of zombiism it stems from Haitian culture of Voodoo. In Haitian, the word zombie, usually written as ‘zombi’ implies spirit of the dead. According to the legend, “zombi(e)” is someone who has annoyed his or her family, and the community to a degree they can no longer stand to live with this person. They hire a Bokor to turn them into a “zombi(e)”. Zombies are used also as a fictional undead character, they fall in horror and fantasy themes. They are depicted as mindless, corpses with a hunger for flesh or brains! Zombies are very popular in film, art, comic books, animation, and especially costumes and make-up.

Call for artists:

Entry fee is $25.00, one single table.
Limit is 8 vendors.
Please have table cloths available for your set up.

Artist Information—————
Entry fee $20.00 per 3′x10′ space
40 spots available
Must bring hanging supplies(nails only).
Once the event is over artist will clean up their spots.

Samples of your work (jpg format) must relate to the theme and be emailed to m2877bt@gmail.com by August 29th, 2014. Once you receive an email confirmation reply, artists can pay the entry fee via Paypal to eestudiogallery@gmail.com , UBNU Zombie.*******

Event Sponsors: Pink Noodles

“Strictly Stencils II”


Strictly Stencils II:  All My Friends Have Knives
Opening:  June 20,2014, 6-9PM
Closing:  June 27, 2014, 6-9PM

East End Studio Gallery and Popeswithpaint.com presents Strictly Stencils II : All My Friends Have Knives.  An art show celebrating the use of stencils in the creation of art.

Featuring stencil work from
Zen Full
Wiley Robertson
Cutthroat Art
Yamin Cespedes Salazar
C. S. Stanley
Scott Tarbox Tarbox
Bryan Cope
Chad HKs
Robert Kilsby
Peat Wollaeger
John Koleszar
Jessica Pope
Beau Pope

Music Provided By DJ Robyn Lox

“Life Forms & Interpretation” E. Hey Chov Solo Exhibition


Life Forms & Interpretation, a solo exhibition for E. Hey Chov
Opening: June 6, 2014 – 6-9PM
Closing:  June 13, 2014 6-9PM

East End Studio Gallery presents Life Forms and Interpretation, a solo exhibition for E. Hey Chov.  This exhibition will consist of oil and gouache paintings and ink drawings. Chov’s work is inspired by scientific images and characters from Eastern and Western fables. His body of work is purely fantasy and narrative based. Many of his images are defined by his interpretation of what shape a life form might take.

This is E. Hey Chov’s first solo show in Houston, TX. Chov has exhibited his work in Baltimore, MD and Scottsdale, AZ.

“Tastes Like Candy, Kicks Like Whiskey” The art of Blue130


“Tastes Like Candy, Kicks Like Whiskey” The art of Blue130
Opening: May 16, 2014 6-10PM
Closing: May 30, 2014, 6-10PM

“…tastes like candy & kicks like whiskey…” was a phrase coined by Houston Press writer Jef WithoneF to describe the bright and whimsical style of illustrative mixed media artist Blue130.

“Imagine yourself frolicking into a candy coated realm dominated by powerful women enticing you to surrender to their charms. Welcome to the world of BLUE 130 who mixes vibrant colors, whimsical details, and bold characters with a dash of erotica as she summons viewers into her pulsating domain. Blue’s vision is most certainly addictive encapsulating a seamless balance of beauty, pop art, sex appeal and power. Summing up her unique style into one category is futile…” – excerpt written by Miss V Haven for “Tip-Out Magazine”

East End Studio Gallery proudly presents “Tastes like Candy, Kicks like Whiskey”, a solo exhibition featuring the recent work of multi-media artist Blue130.

Inspired by her illustrative and graffiti background, Blue’s whimsical works present a pop explosion of lush vibrant colors featuring various images of strong female characters.  Her tongue in cheek creations are fun, quirky and capture the perfect balance of femininity, playfulness and power.

Heavily referenced are her obsessions with comics, pin up art, horror movies, story books, metal music, tattoos, make-up, and high heels. Blue’s creations feature captivating textile backgrounds and charming details that come to life with ribbon, metals, paper cut-outs, aerosol paint and lively fabrics. Throughout her work are these layered elements that entice and beckon the viewer for a closer look.

Thick with an air of feminine power, Blues imagery aims to represent the female form as provocative and timelessly beautiful without being lewd or overtly sexual, as often depicted.  Her distinct style whisks you off to a fantasy land of color, bold characters, hypnotizing backgrounds with a hint of erotica and youthfulness.

Blue’s show will also feature local artists Blue Rooster & Browncoat, who’s lowbrow, pop art has been a constant inspiration to not only Blue 130, but to many up and coming artists throughout Texas.

Blue130 is a native of New Jersey and currently lives in Houston, TX.  She is a self-taught artist and has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil.  Recently settling in Houston, Blue has fully embraced her artistic talents and continues to be active in the Houston art scene.  She has participated in various shows throughout the city and is an assistant artistic director at East End Studio Gallery.

“Tastes like Candy, Kicks like Whiskey” is available for viewing on May 16th & May 30th from 6-9PM.  Both receptions are open and free to the public.  For more information you may visit www.eestudiogallery.com, and/or contact East End Studio Gallery at eestudiogallery@gmail.com.

Opening: May 16, 2014 6-10PM
Closing: May 30, 2014, 6-10PM

“Turn of the Century”


A solo exhibition of recent work by

Friday April 25, 2014
6 PM – 9 PM

LeonidesArts New York and the East End Studio Gallery proudly presents “TURN OF THE CENTURY,” a solo exhibition featuring the recent work of multi-media painter Ricardo Osmondo Francis. Inspired by Classical art, multi-ethnic antiquity, and present day advertisement imagery Francis’ vivid pictorial works present a torrent of imagery culled from every possible corner of the visual culture. His lush elaborately graphic surrealistic paintings and drawings often depict the social constructs of masculinity and the complexity of their existence through striking introspective, portraiture, still life, and abstract compositions. Thick with an air of political and spiritual symbolism, Francis’ works project a powerful, questioning aura of sexual ambiguity and social identity in compositions saturated with allegorical ambiguity.

Ricardo Osmondo Francis is a native of Houston, TX and grew up in the 3rd Ward neighborhood. He currently lives and works in Jersey City, NJ. He received a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD) in 1998 and is a graduate of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in 1994. He presently is the Curator in Residence for the Brooklyn Community Pride Center in Brooklyn, NY and is the Gallery Director for LeonidesArts NY, an artist run non-profit visual arts organization whose mission is to present contemporary art exhibitions and public art projects that reflects a variety of distinct artistic styles, disciplines, themes, and cultural experiences.

He has exhibited his work extensively in galleries and museums both domestically and internationally and was one the cofounders of BLAFTCO, a Houston based alternative art group that was active through most of the 90’s and is the founder of Apanamae Productions, an independent art company that has premiered various art exhibits and performance art projects by the artist since 2000.

“TURN OF THE CENTURY” will run until Friday May 8, 2014.The reception is free to the public. For more information about this you may visit www.eestudiogallery.com, http://leonidesartsblog.wordpress.com/, and/or contact Ricardo Francis at 917 279 5576/ rfrancis9876@gmail.com or Lizbeth Ortiz at 832 298 0964/eestudiogallery@gmail.com.